need to nail these questions!

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need to nail these questions!

Postby redliner » Sat Mar 17, 2018 2:22 pm

good afternoon chaps - can I ask you to get your thinking caps on please? I need to nail these questions once and for all, so could really do with some help/advise.

The perpetually leaking and failing Suzuki GT250M/A/B OEM vacuum fuel taps - there's two types of tank fitting; one with a single 24mm(?) screw-on fitting, and another with two 10mm bolts going through the tap casting and into the petrol tank. Question - has anyone come across an alternative non-vacuum tap that can be used instead of either of the OEM items, as per the Pingel items for z900s and suchlike? Or a best repair to get shot of the bloody leaking diaphragm issue?? :x

Exhaust silencers - I've got a number of 2 and 4-stroke silencers sitting in my shed, all with good chrome, but all with the same problem - broken internal baffle plate or baffle pipe/tubes. Shake 'em and they rattle! Don't really want to scrap them - does anyone know of someone who can repair pipes with this sort of damage?

Petrol tank - GT250 with the 24mm single screw-on fitting tap. The threaded male union which extends out of the bottom of the tank and to which you screw on the fuel tap via the threaded nut - the male union (which comes out of the bottom of the tank) is affixed inside the tank by means of a soldered giant 'washer' inside the tank. I have a very good condition tank but which has managed to break at this internal solder point, leaving the fuel tap unable to be screwed on tight, and the tank permanently leaking if you do manage to get the tap to screw on anyway! I have retrieved the washer/union from inside but need it re-soldered back in place to accept the screw-on fuel tap - anyone know of a person/company who can do such a repair?

all replies gratefully received!
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Re: need to nail these questions!

Postby yeadon_m » Tue Mar 20, 2018 12:14 pm

I don't know about the other stuff, but on leaking taps, I just put an 8mm on/off metal tap inline and turn it off when I put the bike back under its cover! Must remember to turn it back to on when trying to start it, thats all I'm saying :D

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