Bucking - a theory to be shot at

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Re: Bucking - a theory to be shot at

Postby Rijko » Mon May 08, 2017 11:50 pm

Waterbuffalo wrote:Yes Paul for that same reason I see no benefit putting electronic ignitions on a stock or mildly modified GT750. I have run points with no issues and find them to be stone stock reliable and easy to fix. I simply have a peek in the side cover every three thousand miles or so to check the gaps and lube the felt.
I do ride the GT long distances so I do rack up miles when it is on the road, and while points may seem antiquated on such a bike with a low state of tune, they just last and last.

That settles it for me guys, feel the same way.
Points it is ! Antiquated ... nah, period correct and they work well. Good enough for me 8-)

Waterbuffalo wrote:I even went to the trouble of making new points wire harnesses with custom made flag terminals for my bikes, as the original ones are getting on in age and the quality of the wires and sheathing to the electrical panel were never the best, even when new.

Looking great, will do the same.

Waterbuffalo wrote: I believe its mainly because its impossible to get a crank with all the lower crank pins precisely 120 degess apart

I spoke to a tuner who works on a lot of GT750's and also to a guy that races on TR750 replica's and both
pointed out the same thing ... telling me i would be able to tune the ignition more precise on points that
can be set individually to compensate for that, than with an electronic ignition that has fixed Hall sensors.

Thank you for the detailed and clear explanation on surging, will follow your advice when mounting the points !

Waterbuffalo wrote: Another thing is the stock airboxes internal issues which hamper higher gear roll on performance, but thats for another post.

Keep the knowledge coming please, i already took off the bellmouths and went with a stock
airbox. Will be sure to make use foam on filter and covers as Baz shows in one of his movies,
but anything i can do to optimize/improve would be appreciated !

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