Starter clutch problem

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Re: Starter clutch problem

Postby barney01 » Sun May 07, 2017 6:55 am

As you described, to remove clutch cover. I think whatever happens you are going to inspect the starter clutch. It does sound like the screw problem. The clunk is the screws hitting the crankcase and the whining is the starter disengaged spinning on its own. Here is all the info on the 'L' model. ... les/page-8 .
Colours especialy the red can fade into a colour thats looks orange.
You may be able to identify the bike better here ... engnos.htm
Here is a comparison photo of the two starter clutches. New style left, old style right. You can see the three screws holding the drive gear that may have worked loose.
Picture courtesy of OJB

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