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Re: Project X

Postby madforitkev » Sun Sep 16, 2018 7:12 pm

I wanted a hydraulic clutch.

First mod was to cut in a 14x4x6 seal into the Hub end of the input shaft. The adjuster in the pressure plate then moves backwards and forwards through that to give the adjustment I need. Pics are above in the thread.

Next the opposite side of the input shaft had to have a seal as well for the pushrod. The old GS750 used a good seal with an 8mm bore so that meant I needed an 8mm pushrod. Easy enough, and a nice stainless pushrod and seal.


The pushrod then passes behind the primary drive outer and inner casing with minor it was made for one!?


The pushrod then goes through my new dynastarter mounting plate where a shaved KTM clutch slave mounts...


Just gotta tweak the outer dynastarter cover now....more later.

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Re: Project X

Postby teazer » Sun Sep 16, 2018 9:38 pm


Love the solutions you are coming up with. That hydraulic clutch arrangement is one that I couldn't find a neat solution to, so I'll have to copy that. Heads are a PIA to convert for sure. I have one here with inserts and all three are different - and they don't seal all that well either, so I may borrow that idea as well.

Not so sure about that big assed lump hanging off the end of the crank though. At one point I obtained a Polaris triple generator/magneto arrangement with CDI. What I liked about that is that it's closer to the crankcase, so less crank whip, but even at that I realized that Polaris use a double row bearing to help stop crank ends from snapping off. I did get my hands on GSXR alternator which is also inside out, so to speak. It's lighter and thinner than a stock GT alternator which is way too wide. It's a permanent magnet type with those super strong rare earth magnets and if I can measure the crank taper of both, I should be able to get an adapter machined up.

Your outrigger bearing is a good idea, but watch it when the revs start to rise. It may need a beefier or double row crank bearing.


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