Suzuki RE5 SFS 31 R

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Suzuki RE5 SFS 31 R

Postby linuxrob » Tue Sep 25, 2018 8:39 pm

Hi all, got this fine example in 1984 ish. painted the frame, plated most of the bolts and got quite a lot of mod parts from Suzuki to get it running right. Had to get a new tank but could only paint it metallic Blue not he metal flake as standard, had done over 12000 miles when i rode it from Darlington and sold it to KP Motorcycles in Leeds in 1985 for £500. It ran brilliant, but we needed the deposit on our first house. It was the first type with the "toiletroll" clocks.

have 2 pics which i must dig out

Have still got the Suzuki manual.

Rob B

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