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Re: Crankshaft

Postby senicoli » Tue Jun 12, 2018 9:34 pm

mizzytheman wrote:Hi Gents,

For the benefit of doubt, according to Google, the definition of Wazzock is "a stupid or annoying person". Now, I found a number of other definitions of this word but none suitable for repeating here. Funny thing is they claim its a Northern word. Well blow me, Liverpool must be in the southern region of the north of England as I've never heard that phrase until it was broadcast on this site. Of course, we in Liverpool have other words to replace Wazzock but, if I remain true to my Equality & Diversity training I shall refrain from repeating them here.

It saddens me to hear that people may be staying away from the rally this year because of a comment regarding how aesthetically unpleasing Higgspeed exhausts appear on a GT 750. Lets hope the proprietor of the company hasn't read these posts as, if he has, I'm sure he'll making an appearance at the rally to shout WAZZOCK, WAZZOCK, WAZZOCK at the offending person. whether he'll drink plenty of beer and hit that person with his handbag remains to be seen but, for me, I would find it highly entertaining as I haven't seen a good fight between two elderly gentlemen for a long time.

Come on gents, put an end to this and return to what the forum is really all about, our bikes. I know people take the waz (another endearing term for urine) and its great when its in good taste. The problem is it hijacks the thread and usually takes the original thread off topic. I know, I know, I'm guilty of this myself and I must learn to curb my enthusiasm for doing so. Where I draw the line is when its aimed at new people signing up to the forum.

Put it this way, you make an appearance at the local social club following a recommendation from a friend. You've turned up to show off your prized Onions, Marrow, Pigeons or your stamp collection. Use your imagination on this one. Its your first time at the club and other members decide to take the waz. Do you go back, probably not.

Please give new members time to settle in. I'm sure they join in with the waz taking given the opportunity once they get to know the other members.

Kind Regards

it might help if new members were not lectured like school children for not making a correct introduction I can think of several times this has occurred and they have not come back it might also help if new members didnt see other members physically threaten one another colin

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Re: Crankshaft

Postby mizzytheman » Tue Jun 12, 2018 9:46 pm

Point taken and a lesson for all I'm sure.

The topic has now been locked as I feel the point has been exhausted.

Kind Regards



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