swing arm bushes...

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swing arm bushes...

Post by Skyguyz »

Ok, having wrestled the bronze business out of my swing arm, *(They are unusable) and looking at the non-bronze ones, they need a tool to insert without breaking?

Any thoughts on installation for either type. I do not have a hydraulic press. Apparently you can easily break the non- bronze ones.

I prefer the bronze but very $$$. I do not have a membership to the kettle club so the ones there are not on my radar. any thoughts?

Tool. only can find in the UK and I am in the States.

These are on USA flea bay but no tool.


These are here in the states but are 54 quid.

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Re: swing arm bushes...

Post by barney01 »

Unless you are planning to do high mileages the plastic bushes will work just fine. Mine are still going strong 30k miles later.
You can buy the phosphor bronze jobs from GT Reiner in Germany and he includes the drift to knock them in too. You can send him an email to GTREINER1@AOL.com
If you just want the drift Mark Read on here sells them. Try sending him a PM.
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Re: swing arm bushes...

Post by BAZ »

I have built 22 Kettls and never seen one fail. I think Yamaha ones may have an issue but Suzuki are fine.
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