GT550A carburettor setup

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Re: GT550A carburettor setup

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Just tested a new method fo the setts I rebuild, a vacuum cleaner and a flow meter seem to work great for sorting off the bike.
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Re: GT550A carburettor setup

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On the block, or rack, the slides are adjusted using the screw adjusters that hide under the licorice like rubber top covers.

Many people adjust carbs to get the same air flow by adjusting the slides and that's perfectly valid, but then they are opening at different times (or by different amounts) to compensate for other factors and won't actually open at the same time.

Others of us want the slides to open at exactly the same time and change the low speed mixture with the air/fuel screws to balance the load.

Sometimes the motor just won't run smoothly because there are minor differences in port timing etc that make each cylinder perform differently than its bed mates.

On the street, what matters is getting the bike to run smoothly and pulls cleanly. It's not like there's a ton of power in a GT550 waiting to get out (37 or so rear wheel HP IIRC) so a nice smooth ride is what you want. To get that try starting with the slides opening at exactly the same time and then tweak the mixture screws to get the same airflow through a meter (carb synch tool) and if they are still too far out, make minor adjustments to the slide height to bring them all back to perfection.
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