Any Suzuki headlight experts out there?!

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Any Suzuki headlight experts out there?!

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I'm currently working on my Yamaha RD125 (in the kitchen, so nice and warm) and am sorting through assorted parts to bolt on to it.

I bought a headlight bowl and fork ears from Poland (so probably a German or north European market bike originally) and with the bowl came a lens/light that has got me scratching my head.

It is a Koito 35/35 unit, but currently fitted with Suzuki bulb holders (heaven knows how, or even if, it was wired in). The Koito codes are 3H35 and 997-13130 and these do not match the code on the ring - I would expect them to.

I know that the bowl is genuine Yamaha (has the YHA code stamped on it), I suspect that the ring is original to the bowl, but I'm not sure if the lens was originally fitted to a Suzuki, or if someone has just fitted Suzuki wired bulb holders to it.

I have searched the web and fleabay and come up with close matches to it, but nothing that hits the bullseye. Therefore, if anyone knows what this might have been fitted to originally, I would be most grateful if they would post a reply.

I would say that the headlight size is 5.75 inches and some photos are attached.

Many thanks.

Alan B
Koito headlight 1.jpg
Koito headlight 2.jpg
Koito headlight 4.jpg
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