Suzuki GT 750J Carb bodies

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Suzuki GT 750J Carb bodies

Post by Kevine6959 »

Hi everyone out in Kettle clinic land

I have in my garage a set of original Carb bodies for the rare Suzuki GT 750 J model. The have been cleaned an in great looking condition.

They came with the internals all together but I have not cleaned or used these

only thing missing is one of the Carb bowls is broken

otherwise very rare and would be great for a restoration ongoing

good luck

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Re: Suzuki GT 750J Carb bodies

Post by yeadon_m »

Hi Kevin,
Funny old world. I was in exactly that position a year or so ago. A pal here helped with a spare float bowl. I had Barry Wilkes, aka BlueSmokeBaz here do a full clean & restore on them. They’re gleaming & ready to try on my GT750A, which of course has the BS40 CV carbs. Those who’ve fitted the earlier 750 carbs report that the bike becomes much nicer to ride, with the VM32 carbs which you have.
If your post was with a sale in mind, may I recommend you copy & paste in into the ‘Buy/Sell/Exchange’ section in this website? Also with a price, ideally, though of course that’s up to you. They can be valuable but only to them who want a set & don’t already have one, which cuts down the potential buyers quite a bit!
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Re: Suzuki GT 750J Carb bodies

Post by PaulD738 »

The VM32 is also used on the T500 which may help when you advertise them 8-)
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