Suzuki Triples... i.e. GT's - Versus T500's

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Suzuki Triples... i.e. GT's - Versus T500's

Post by Cdn850T5NT »

Just wanna ask a question or two about whether folks REALLY like their two-stroke triples, versus, say, the T- or GT500's.

For example, the smaller two triples are air cooled; do folks generally get long life expectancies out of, at least, the middle cylinder, what-with more limited cooling? Are middle cylinders set up to be a bit more more rich to compensate? Is the (weird in my opinion) exhaust system a bother? No Higgspeed expansion chambers available? The "weirdness" of the centre cylinder cooling and the exhaust give me a bit of pause... but I would like to hear comments about how those elements are not hindrances...

Re the water buffalo 750 - it is more complicated, heavier. What comments are there about it, compared to the T500's? More ponderous of a bike?

In general, the triples are heavier but smoother... than the T500; is this a compelling reason to go after getting a triple?

Parts prices (and indeed bike-prices) are pretty high for the T500. Are the triples, by comparison, undervalued in the marketplace?

Folks' kindness in answering is much appreciated!

Cheers from Vancouver.

John / Cdn850T5NT
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Alan H
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Re: Suzuki Triples... i.e. GT's - Versus T500's

Post by Alan H »

Depends what YOUR preference is. Early 550s and T500s performance is virtually identical. Similar fuel consumption, T500 vibrates a bit more. All handle well, but don't do a track day on them. 550/500 more fun, 750 better for touring.
No issues with any cylinders on the air cooled triples. If you want to go faster get a later nikasil type engined bike and put spannies on, ( LIKE THIS - clicky linky) or get a modern bike. Remember that the newest triple is still 42/3 years old.
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Re: Suzuki Triples... i.e. GT's - Versus T500's

Post by PaulD738 »

Basically forget the Suzuki aircooled triples they’re sh1te get yerself a H1 Kawa 8-)
The Kettle is ok ish for touring if you can put up with the fuel consumption and top heavy wallowing. The T500 on the other hand will out perform and out handle all the triples with the right pilot on it. If you want thrills get a H1 or H2 if you want to tour get a BMW or similar.
Just my non biased opinion you understand :roll:
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