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First start

Post by jonmcarroll »

Hey y'all just got a gt750 and was looking to get some advice on the first start up. It hasn't run is about 20 years and I was just not sure about some specific 2 stroke stuff.

I figured I would mix the gas just incase, but is there a way to find out if the oiler is working?

Same goes for the water pump.

Any other first start checks or tips are also welcome!
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Re: First start

Post by canaletto5 »

Hi Jon

Welcome to the forum

Basic checks I think. Drain the gearbox oil and check the condition of it.Is it just dirty or is there water in it. If it is watery then you may have a cross leak from the water system. If not, refill with fresh oil.

Drain the water and refill

Check there is sufficient 2 stroke oil in the tank. It might be wise to empty the tank and refill with oil of a different colour. This means you can check that oil is travelling along the oil pipes to the crankcases when the engine is running. You can mix oil with the fuel but it doesn't do much as the lubrication system injects directly onto the crank bearings.

Make sure all the engine mounts and exhaust connections are tightened as they should be

Do all the other safety checks on the bike.

Others on here may have more to add

Good luck and post some photos!

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