Sorn on a historic vehicle

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Sorn on a historic vehicle

Post by oldbiker »

I have a bike thats not been on the road for some 27 years. Back then there was no sorn. So the bike has sat awaiting restoration ever since. I did phone the dvla several years ago to "try" to get the bike put on a sorn. Back then the dvla said it could only be put on a sorn after getting road tax.

Anyway it seem that it can be done online now. And I have just managed to sorn the vehicle online. The dvla says that they might investigate why the machine was not already on a sorn. errm, I did try 5+ years ago

So when did this all change. Anyway if you happen to have an old bike sitting in the shed witjhout a sorn ............ now it can be done. I'm sure you all knew this anyway.
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Alan H
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Re: Sorn on a historic vehicle

Post by Alan H »

Don't worry about it. If you ring DVLA 10 times, you'l get 10 different answers.
Keep trying until you get the answer you need, then write the name of the person down and let them sort it out.
Basically, if the vehicle hasn't been taxed for over 30 years, it's not on their system.
They wern't aware that my Hippo GT750 hadn't been registered in Eire for several years despite sending letters to the PO that it was.......
Chuffin' gormless, they are.
Proof that four strokes are over complicated
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