Water pump gear crisis

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Water pump gear crisis

Post by Write2Paul90277 »

Ah, yes, the elusive OEM nylon water pump driven gear -- fragile, fickle and nearly impossible to find.

I'm in search of said gear (17522-31031) and the only one I've found costs $217 US on eBay.

I found one guy in the US who makes/sells machined aluminum ones for $120 US -- a bargain by comparison.
https://chrislivengood.net/product/gt75 ... pump-gear/
I contacted him through his website but have not heard back yet.

Has anyone found any other sources for OEM or aluminum water pump gears?

Thanks much,

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Alan H
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Re: Water pump gear crisis

Post by Alan H »

Aluminum? We only have Aluminium here.
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Re: Water pump gear crisis

Post by BAZ »

Don't worry always split never fail I have built 150 Kettle engines.
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