Find my bikes

Looking for your old Kettle post registration info here good luck!
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Find my bikes

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Anyone know if any of my previous bikes have beat the breakers. Bought them new and had good times on all, whilst I was young and carefree. Now I am old and carefree want them back.

GT 380. RNR 409M.
GT 750. KRY 394P
GT 750. UUT 71S

Thanks. Dave Scatt
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Re: Find my bikes

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Young, carefree and rich! I could barely afford a new GT250B back in the day, £50 quid deposit and a lifetime of crippling debt :lol: :lol:

Welcome to the forum. I hope you find your bikes. Kev
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Re: Find my bikes

Post by Optedout »

A good starting point might be The is this vehicle taxed? website.
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Re: Find my bikes

Post by Kettletimes3 »

The 308 tax was due March 1993. Possibility it’s still around.
750 KRY394P Tax was due April 2005. A bigger possibility it’s still around.
750 UUT71S Tax was due march1981.
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