Wanted: gt750 cylinder puller tool

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Wanted: gt750 cylinder puller tool

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I'm tearing into my 75 gt750 motor because my 2nd and third gear are popping out. Anyone have a puller plate for the cylinders that I can borrow or buy outright before I make my own? I'm in oakland, CA USA. Hoping this job won't take all summer to put back together.
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Re: Wanted: gt750 cylinder puller tool

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Dave Bonigut in PA had one I think and so does Alan the gauge repair guy who is in the Bahamas or Florida. They are heavy and expensive to ship unfortunately.

The barrels may not be stuck. Drain fluids, then remove the cylinder head, pipes, carbs etc and try to strike the barrels using a large rubber mallet or steel hammer and a wooden/copper punch below the exhaust ports where there's a fair amount of surplus metal. Copious amounts of penetrating oil down all the stud silos helps and do not forget to loosen the nut on teh short stud at the rear of the block.

Base gaskets tend to stick pretty hard, but not all barrels need a puller.

Good luck
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